The Motherfluffers Tweezers

By The Lash Exchange

$ 35.00
  • Lightweight stainless steel, durable plasma infused coating
  • Soft tension + precision alignment
  • Beveled edges for comfortable grip
  • Hand-tested for volume + mega volume (footed)                                     

Straight tweezer is designed strictly for isolation.  With needle fine tips you can effortlessly isolate even the finest natural lashes.  Ultra soft tension for seamless closure.

Angled tweezer is ideal for isolation + working through natural lash layers.  Features a soft 45 degree angled tip and ultra thin tips.

Footed is our mega volume masterpiece.  Perfect for all lash techniques from mega to classic you will always get a solid grip and feather soft tension. Full foot closure will take your fan making to the next level.

The Full Collection features one of each style! Precision tools for the professional artist.