The Nova Sterilizer

By The Lash Exchange

$ 90.00 $ 100.00

The Nova UVC disinfection unit is a 3 in 1 sterilizer, essential for the professional artist. The bright solution to sanitation! 

Our custom unit features:
Matte, velvet wireless phone charging platform
13 germicidal UVC LEDs to kill up 99.9% of germs + bacteria
Spacious chamber with 360 degree light circulation for full contact exposure
Disinfection modes from 1, 3, 6, +9 minutes
Aromatherapy function with your choice of essential oil
Anti-slip grips on base 
Safety mode auto switches light OFF when box is opened for zero UVC exposure

Designed for use with phones, masks, lash trays, tweezers, and beyond!

Please note: As professionals, we always advise a 3 step sterilization process for tools including:

Hot, soapy wash
Soak in professional disinfectant for the recommended timeframe
High heat sterilizer (can take up to 2 hours )
UVC unit 
Always follow your state's legal guidelines in regard to sterilization + disinfection protocol.