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The Proof is in the Puddin'

The Proof is in the Puddin'

I recently had a lash artist at my store in tears after she took a lash training from an artist she found on Instagram.  She spent her hard earned money training with a less than professional “trainer”. She left the training with a kit full of products off Amazon and a whole lotta heartbreak.  This inspired me to share some insight into what to look for when it comes to professional lash training.

Proof is in the puddin’!  WHO is teaching the course you are taking?  Research who is teaching the class you want to take.  Are they a career artist? Chances are if they are not a career artist… they have NO business teaching you shit.  Learning from someone who is seasoned in the industry you plan on trying to make your living in, is pretty damn important! They should be able to offer you realistic + insightful guidance.

What’s the word on the streets? How long has this company/trainer been in the industry?  If your trainer is fresh out of beauty school you may need to think twice.  Now, everyone has to start somewhere ABSOLUTELY, but understand the experience of your trainer will impact how and what you learn. Training is often a lucrative way to “get rich quick” so there is huge range of experience in trainers.

Certified, licensed, or just plain bullshittin? Laws and regulations will vary based on location but these are the primary categories.  Licensed can mean:

  • A licensed professional
  • A professional licensed through the state to train (few states have developed regulations)
  • A professional licensed to train STATE BOARD curriculum. (In Texas this is valid)

Certified can mean:

  • A lash artist certified to train another companies curriculum.
  • A lash artist who has taken a class and given a certificate of completion.
  • A lash artist who has taken a trainers coarse through a third party and received a certificate to train third party curriculum.
  • A lash artist who is certifiably crazy.

Working with a licensed + certified professional is ideal! Don’t be afraid to ask for credentials. Remember certifications are in no way regulated!

Every reputable training program/trainer will have a basic outline of what their curriculum covers.  Find out what is included in your training and what the training will cover in regards to basic topics.  Any quality training I have taken included a kit of products, if it a BYOB situation… RUN!

Private or group setting? Most trainers have the option of both settings, choose the setting you will feel most comfortable in.  Private trainings will give you more one on one time and attention.  Group settings are great if you are comfortable learning along side other students.  Don’t be afraid to ask how many students will be in the class!

Want to make six figures a year working part-time?! Two thumbs DOWN. This kind of marketing is both deceptive, disappointing, and quite frankly ridiculous.  I have never met a lash artist in my life that has hopped aboard the lash train and made a six figure income after one training.

Remember that 90% of your success is going to depend on your own commitment to practice + persistence.  Regardless of what you learn in a training it’s on YOU to implement + master the skills you need to be successful.

If you're interested in training with me, give me a shout!  You can contact me directly via  

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