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Haters gonna hate

  • By Tianna Seo
Haters gonna hate

More times than I can count as a business owner, I’ve been stopped dead in my tracks by someone throwing a flaming bag of shit at me, via the social media medium.  That’s right, like a grenade of shit coming straight at you while you’re runnin’ through the six with your woes. (Drake life witches!)

I learned from the beginning of my self-employed journey that social media was the key to “getting out there”, as so many of the my already successful entrepreneur friends said.  People talk about the hustle and grind, but what about the HATE.  When you “get out there” you realize that you have voluntarily made yourself a target to the slew of garbage nonsense some hateful human is just itching to throw your way. 

I received an uplifting comment on my business FB page that went a little something like this. “Lash extensions are SO BAD!! PLEASE LISTEN TO ME! I went to a place that only does eyelash extensions and I went there for years… Then life hit… And I could no longer afford them!  They cost $40-50 dollars in refills! After they were removed I HAD ZERO lashes left!  My eyes were completely bald and now 8 months later there are some lashes coming back.  They get you to spend so much money on them for the initial set then refills for years after!  Bye Bye real lashes.” –Love, Cynthia.

Cynthia, Cynthia, Cynthia…10:23pm on a Monday evening Cynthia came out of far-left field and threw her flaming pile of dog shit right at me. It was hysterical, but it got me thinking about how a message as ignorant as this could have affected me say 7 years ago when I was first “getting out there”.  I want to make this a very clear lesson to any new entrepreneur. You need to be mentally and emotionally prepared to take some serious shit.  No matter what kind of garbage shit it is there is only one course of action… Turn it into something so mind numbingly positive it makes you stronger.  It teaches you something, it leads you to realize something, don't allow it to have it's desired effect.  Simply DO NOT ACCEPT IT! As an entrepreneur you have complete control over how you react and how you are impacted.

You need energy to be a successful entrepreneur and dialogue with an ignorant, hateful person will only drain you.  In this example, NOTHING I could have said back would have changed Cynthia’s perception of eyelash extensions, my business, or the industry. Absofuckinglutely not, nothing will change Cynthia’s perception… you know why?  Because Cynthia hates everything! Cynthia doesn’t drink coffee, she starts her morning will a gallon of HATER-AIDE!  In the evening, a box of Franzia and more Hater-aide, because it would take a lot of hate + boxed wine to keep me up till 10:23pm on a Monday night hate crusading around on Facebook.

Put your energy into your business, your passion, your art... Give none to the haters! 

Thank you Cynthia, your hateful ass self will make a lot of entrepreneurs smile. Cheers to you and all the other haters on your team!

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