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Show me what you're workin with

  • By Tianna Seo
Show me what you're workin with

A beautiful portfolio that showcases your work will be the catalyst to a successful career.  Your portfolio will land you the opportunities + clients you deserve!  I work CONSTANTLY on my portfolio because it helps me grow as an artist.  Allowing clients to see variants of your work, behind the scenes, and more about the experience lets your skills pay the bills!

A portfolio is your asset to attract clients but secure business opportunities like employment, collaboration, and industry presence.  I hear from a lot of lash students that they are unhappy or uninspired by lack of clients/opportunities.  Channel that frustration into something that showcases your talent and skills versus being disappointed by the lack of results.  To be fair, in this wildly competitive climate what makes YOU worth it, show it off. 

Paying clients NEED to see what the end product looks like!  We are artists and artists need to take HOW their art is displayed seriously.  Being a marketable asset will give you something tangible that creates value for you and your brand.  Even if your searching for employment opportunities, if you can SHOW your skills and ability that business can market your services more effectively.  Establishing yourself as an asset early puts you in a stronger position!

Understand people are VISUAL.  Modern marketing is visual and in order to capture your audience attentions you need to LEAD with your skills, not cheesy marketing.  A clean, crisp image of your work allows your audience to see your work and style.

Focus on the matter at hand.   Does posting your morning cup of coffee with a fortune cookie caption inspire people to book appointments?  “Wow this gal drinks coffee in the morning… Me too! I should book an appointment with her for a $200 full set…. This approach is not only distracting BUT it’s “filler”.  Filler is fun, fun is flare…. Flare doesn’t pay the bills OR get you clients. Instead of spending your time focusing on flare, put your energy and intention into getting a great image of your authentic work.

Quality over quantity. A picture is worth a thousand words right?  So make that picture count!  Youtube + Instagram is FULL of content tips, photography tips, and editing app videos.  I take most all my photos right on my iPhone.  I learned how to use photoshop by watching Youtube and learning from YouTube tutorials.  Top pros share SO many tips + tricks that are simple, basic ways to make your photos look professional.  Some of my favorite beauty portfolios are:

Stop procrastinating and start building the portfolio that represents YOUR artistry authentically! You cannot expect the world to know your greatness unless you show them. 

This December I'll be in Utah taking one of my all-time lash IDOLS @eyelashstina much anticipated Social Design class!  She will be sharing her best tips and tricks to creating AMAZING portfolio photos of your work.  Get enrolled while you can because this class is going to be a GAME CHANGER!




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