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My not-so-secret recipe for staying inspired

  • By Tianna Seo
My not-so-secret recipe for staying inspired

Do you ever feel like you’re in an inspiration funk or creative rut?  They are the WORST! Distractions and stress are my number one creativity killers.  I’ve been there before, the daily grind has a tendency to put stress first and inspiration last.  But have no fear my fellow entrepreneurs and artists, these tips work for me and I know they can put you back in touch with your creative vibes.

Listen up

What was life like before podcasts!  I love to tune into podcasts while I lash, the client is snoozing peacefully why not be tuning into something that gets your creative wheels spinning.  If I am lashing 4 clients and 2 out of 4 fall straight asleep that is over 3+ hours of audio bliss. 

A few of my fave podcasts:

The Entrepreneur Effect: such great insight into the lives and businesses of entrepreneurs like you. 

The Goal Digger Podcast:  Jenna Kutcher brings the knowledge with some in depth topics you will be sure to relate to.

Sword and Scale:  Totally not business related but I am a crime story addict!  In my opinion the best true crime podcasts out there.

The Tim Ferris Show:  Great interviews with creatives and entrepreneurs alike.  Real topics, great dialogue.

Lore: Mysterious and unusual events told in a super creative story format.  Let your mind wander!

Good reads

Audio or regular however you take your books, they are a great way to get inspired.  New ideas, challenges, and perspectives will help shift you out of your funk. 

Some of my favorite titles:

The Compound Effect:  One of the first books I read prior to founding my start-up.  The perfect read to get you thinking about your priorities.

The Year of Yes:  Shonda Rhimes is a visionary, this was one of those "SHE NAILED IT!" kind of reads.  Highly recommend for the working mamas! Such an inspiring perspective.

The Power of Broke: One of my fave Sharks from Daymond John, this is a great one for when you are making money an excuse.

You are a Badass:  Jen Sincero’s books always have me like, “I needed to hear that”. Always inspiring, her books may be the kick in the ass you need. (You are a Badass at making money is amazing too!)

Game of Thrones (on audiobook): If you are a G.O.T. junkie like me, the audio books are even better!  What about Daenerys Targaryen isn’t inspiring AF?

Take a social media vacation

We immerse ourselves in the flood of images, graphics, and opinions on social media it can stifle our creative flow! Creativity comes from no one other than YOU, you are the visionary with the plan.  Instead of looking at what other people are doing spent time getting in tune with what makes you tick. What’s your passion? How can you share it with the world in a style all your own? Takin a break from the gram can let you get back in sync with your own vibes.  I’ll take a brief break depending on how I feel, obviously business gets taken care of but maybe I won’t spend time scrolling around looking at other content.  It’s like a brain cleanse!

Do YOU boo!

Take some solo time.  It’s so important to give your ideas time to mature and develop before you share them! I am a huge fan of spending some time by myself in order to really let my creativity flow.  I am an introvert believe it or not!  I need a lot of time to recharge myself in order to put my best food forward socially.  When I accepted this and allowed myself to have time to myself, I felt more aligned with my own ideas + creativity.

Ditch the routine

Get out of your normal day to day routine. I try to have a little variety to spice up my week, maybe I work from a coffee shop in the morning or better yet work from home when I normally would be at the studio.  I’ll even take my work to the dog park so my pups can have the afternoon out!  Nothing is wrong with stepping out of the weekly grind for just a brief minute to let yourself reset.

Give your ideas a home

There’s something so satisfying about throwing some ideas down on paper.  If using your phone/laptop is more accessible then go for it!  Don’t be shy with your ideas, throw them down on paper and see what jumps out at you, let your creative instinct do its thang!  A lot of “BIG” ideas need to be segmented into smaller more manageable/actionable steps, don’t be intimidated by your own potential.  Outline a plan and don’t stop when you get stuck on a step, power thru and give your spark a chance to catch!

Be kind to yourself throughout the process of getting in touch with your own vibes.  Not every idea has to be finite or compelling, not every idea even has to be realistic!  It can be a concept or a daydream and it is still valid.  A lot of my “ideas” have evolved into something completely unexpected and have shaped my journey in an entirely new way.  Using outlets like social media to connect with one another is amazing and empowering however comparing yourself to others via social media is doing nothing but smothering your confidence and creativity.  Don’t let your creativity be captive to comparison!

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