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The Breakfast Chronicles

  • By Tianna Seo
The Breakfast Chronicles

My husband and I have developed coping mechanisms to keep the balance of our marriage on point.  We make clear an hour in the morning to have breakfast together. With the kids in school by 8 am we sneak away for a quiet start to the morning.  Waffle House, The Broken Egg, IHOP, Denny’s... I am a self-admitted breakfast slut. 

J’s Breakfast and Burgers.  In all her glittery, hunter green glory.  This is exactly the kind of place I LOVE… a magical place where you can passively consume a gallon of coffee as the waitress tops you off after every 5th sip.  Maybe it was the coffee, but I had an epiphany about this greasy spoon joint…

We stroll in and are immediately greeted with a smooth, deeply southern,“Have a seat where ever ya’ want, smokin’ in the front, non-smokin’ in the back.” Say whhhhhaaatt?!  That’s right people… At J’s diner you can light up your morning Marb and enjoy a wholesome All-American breakfast.  Now... before you get your panties in a bunch please understand the smell of cigarette smoke mixed up in a place like J’s somehow completes the experience, it’s hard to describe, but it just feels right. 

Immediately I notice on the top of the menu.  Under the logo, it reads… “Celebrating 30 years in business! J’s Breakfast and Burgers.”  Holy shit J… 30 years and counting?!  Stop and think… What does 30 years in life mean to you?  Can you even imagine 30 years from this present moment? I looked around and realized… J’s Breakfast and Burgers is the most perfect example of a business that is TRULY genuine.

How has J’s Breakfast and Burgers existed for over 30 years remaining true to their original identity and experience?  J’s has survived the obstacles that KILL most businesses…. Increasing competition, economic tides, changes in consumer preference...  J’s is the real deal. J’s offers Breakfast and Burgers.  The name says it all.  They do not offer organic steel cut oatmeal, wood-fired pizzas or pumpkin spice lattes.  They have a one page menu, which consists of… Breakfast and Burgers and of course… a smoking section.  

For a business to make the decision to permit smoking they automatically decrease their potential consumer base, people who are offended by cigarette smoke.  But J… he doesn’t give a shit!  The J’s experience is cigs, strong coffee, killer breakfast with a heavy dose of southern hospitality.  He KNOWS the experience he wants to create and put the puzzle together to make it a reality that has lasted over 30 years.  J’s is not a 30K+ followers Instagram driven business, but it is a pinnacle business in it’s true right!

Just like J, YOU are in control of your business, the clients that you attract, the revenue you generate, and the experience you create.  You CAN make your business everything you want it to be, as long as you do it with unyielding tenacity.  Come to peace with the fact that your business and vision may not be for everyone.  You cannot run a business trying to cater to anyone that has an opinion. If J listened to the naysayers and compromised his vision… It wouldn’t be the same J’s! And potentially would not have lasted over 30 years.

In order to create what you envision you need to understand your objective?  Is keeping one business open for over 30 years your goal?  Or is your goal to build a brand empire that goes international? Every entrepreneur has a vision, get real and figure it out so you can do what it takes to make it a reality. 


“When your values are clear to you, making decisions becomes easier.” 

Roy E. Disney

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