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What is the BEST adhesive?

What is the BEST adhesive?

A hot topic in the lash industry has and I believe always will be adhesive.  What’s the BEST adhesive? The answer is far from simple, variables beyond your control will effect the way your adhesive performs.  Let me breakdown the most common misconceptions you might have about adhesive!

First things first, ALL eyelash extension adhesive is cyanoacrylate!  Cyano-wha?  Hypoallergenic, NOPE. Organic, NOPE. Chemically complex, YUP!  Understanding the chemical composition of adhesive is 100% necessary if you are a lash professional. 

The most misunderstood element of lash extensions adhesive is the “set time”.  Different environmental factors such as humidity + temperature will completely change the way your adhesive performs.  If a lash artist in a dry low-humidity climate attempts to work with an adhesive DESIGNED to perform in a high humid environment it simply DOES NOT SET.  That’s right, lash adhesives are designed to be perform in different climates.  As a professional it is vital to be knowledgable about HOW to work with professional products and tools.

Storing your adhesive in a cool, dry place keeps it fresh.  It is NOT advised to refrigerate cyanoacrylate adhesives after they are open.  In the last 10 years science and technology has advanced eliminating the need to refrigerate cyanoacrylates. Storing glue in a vacuum seal container will prevent humidity from effecting your adhesive when not in use. 

Adhesive palettes range from rings to jade stones, countless variations exist.  Regardless of palette choice you only need ONE adhesive bubble in play at a time.  If your palette is littered with adhesive dots you are creating a high fume environment which WILL effect the way your adhesive sets and expose you (and your clients) to unnecessary fumes.

Cyanoacrylate adhesive degrades in a short period of time.  After cracking the seal on a bottle of adhesive there is a 3-4 week timeframe before the adhesive is considered “dead”.  I pitch my adhesive after 3 weeks because I take zero risks with retention.

Great retention doesn’t mean MORE adhesive.  Think of it like this, “Does one coat thick of nail polish mean a better, longer lasting manicure?”  One thick coat of polish (especially gel) leaves me picking and peeling almost instantly.  Think about it on a micro scale of lash adhesive! Does a dump truck of adhesive mean a better bond?  Not a chance, the OPPOSITE is true.  Improper + uneven curing means your clients are walking out your salon straight into whatever humidity/temperature elements mother nature has in store.  Being in control of the cure is key.

Let us help you find the right adhesive for you!  Join us September 9th for a hands on workshop to try our fave adhesives for both classic + volume artists.  Call 214-494-0053 to reserve your seat!  

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